Tata Nexon Kaziranga Edition

Introducing Nexon Kaziranga, taking it to Nex Level with addition of premium features.. Inspired by India’s rich geography and biological diversity while also paying homage to India’s great national parks, this special edition has added premium features with exclusive exterior & interior theme while reinforcing the “Go-Anywhere” DNA of our true SUVs

Tata Nexon Kaziranga Edition - Front View in Grassland Beige Shade with Piano Black Roof

Grassland Beige with Piano Black Roof

The Nexon Kaziranga comes in a unique Grassland Beige shade, inspired by the majestic grasslands of Kaziranga.

Tata Nexon Kaziranga Edition - Exquisite Tropical Wood Finish Dashboard

Exquisite Tropical Wood Finish Dashboard

The dashboards of the new Nexon Kaziranga sport a unique wooden finish, which gives its interiors a rugged look.

Tata Nexon Kaziranga Edition - Embossed Rhino Mascot on Headrest

Embossed Rhino Mascot on Headrest

Signature embossed Rhino outline on the front headrests perfectly complements premium and elegant interiors of the Nexon Kaziranga.

Tata Nexon Rear Seating and Armrest

Premium Benecke Kaliko Leather* Seats with ventilation for Driver and Co-passenger

The Nexon Kaziranga is geared with ventilated Leather* seats in the front to keep you at a comfortable temperature no matter what the weather is outside.

Tata Nexon Kaziranga Edition -Jet Black Diamond Cut Alloys

Jet Black Diamond Cut Alloys

The Jet Piano Black, R16 Diamond Cut alloys with Black Tinted Lacquer makes the Nexon Kaziranga stand out of the herd in the rugged landscape.

Tata Nexon Kaziranga Edition - Auto Dimming IRVM

Auto Dimming IRVM

Jungle or city, no matter where the Nexon Kaziranga takes you, the Electro Chromatic Inside Rear-view Mirror detects the brightness of the surroundings and dims the reflecting light accordingly

Tata Nexon Kaziranga Edition - Air Purifier

Air Purifier

Inspired by the pureness of wild natural air, the Nexon Kaziranga is equipped with a climate control system that helps keep the inside Air Quality Index levels in check

Tata Nexon Kaziranga Edition - Earthy Beige And Black Finished Interior Theme

Earthy Beige And Black Finished Interior theme

Feel Like Being In The Wilderness Of The Kaziranga

Tata Nexon Kaziranga Edition - Satin Black Rhino Mascot

Satin Black Rhino mascot

The Nexon Kaziranga is studded with a signature Satin Black Rhino Mascot on fenders that accentuates its wild side.

Images shown on the website are for representation purpose only. Colours may vary and some feature elements are from Accessories. *Leatherette

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