01 Android Auto User guide

Basic Requirement

  • Android version 6.0 or later.
  • Certified USB cable wlll be needed.
  • Mobile device and vehicle should be compatible for wireless projection.
  • Android Auto app latest version recommended.
  • Mobile device should be connected to the Internet.
  • Allow Android Auto to access Wi-Fi and Location.

Note: Before connecting your phone for the first time, please ensure that your vehicle is at Park state (P) and Start your Vehicle.

02 Connecting Android Auto

Wired Connection using USB
Wired Connection using USB


  • Please plug-in one end of the USB cable in vehicle and other end of the cable in mobile device.
  • System will request to download the Android Auto App or update to the latest version.
  • In Mobile device, Start the setup process based on your On-Screen instruction,
  • It is recommended to allow Android Auto to access Wi-Fi and Location.
  • Once setup is completed, select Android Auto in Head unit to launch the Android Auto projection.


Wireless Connection using WI-FI


  • Turn on Bluetooth in your Mobile device and turn on the visibility option.
  • In Head Unit, tap the phone widget in home screen or go to App Drawer to launch the Phone App.
  • Under Manage Device, tap “Pair a New Device”,
  • After searching, list of mobile device (near to Vehicle) will be displayed, from which select your mobile device.
  • ”Passkey" will be displayed on your Head unit and your mobile device. Check if both the passkey numbers are same. If it's same, select Pair button from your mobile device.
  • Once Bluetooth connection is paired, go to paired mobile device setting and select “Switch to Android Auto over Wi-Fi".
  • During wired connection, if your mobile device is Capable of wireless projection, suggestion popup will be displayed to switch to wireless connection.

03 Android Auto Application Overview

03 Android Auto Application Overview
Navigating the APP Launcher


  • Home
  • Microphone to activate Google Assistant.
  • Status Bar.
  • Apps.
  • Notification.




  • User can select Map to project Google Map and gets direction for set destination, traffic information's & POl's.
Google Assistant
Google Assistant


  • It is recommended to turn on "Ok Google" on your Mobile device.
  • Google Assistant can be triggered by saying "Ok Google" or by pressing the Voice button on the steering wheel or by tapping on the Microphone icon in the navigation bar.


Messaging and Calls
  • Messaging and call functionally through apps is enabled to stay connected without being distracted.


Media and Entertainment


  • You can get your favorite music and podcast into Head unit.

04 Troubleshooting Information