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Tata Harrier Features Banner
Forward Collision Warning

Forward Collision Warning

Who knows what lies ahead, right? But your car knows what's coming. Keeps you and others safe on the road through an audio-visual warning that alerts you of any probable collision. The ADAS system monitors the distance from any vehicle, pedestrians or a cyclist in front and gives Audio & Visual alerts , so that you can take necessary action in time.

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Autonomous Emergency Braking

Autonomous Emergency Braking

Leave no room for uncertainties on road with Autonomous Emergency Braking.
The ADAS system monitors the surrounding to identify probable collision scenarios with vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists and if required applies brake automatically* to ensure that you and others stay safe from any harm.

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Traffic Sign recognition

Traffic Sign recognition

You might miss the traffic signs sometimes, but now your car won't. The ADAS system monitors traffic sign boards like "Speed Limits" "No Overtaking" and provides you with inputs so that you can take necessary corrections if required.

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High Beam Assist

High Beam Assist

Now drive freely on the roads without having to worry about distractions caused by oncoming vehicles. High Beam Assist automatically adjusts headlights from high to low beam when oncoming vehicles are detected.

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Lane Departure Warning

Lane Departure Warning

Your car now helps you to stay alert on road by informing you about the things you are unaware of.
The ADAS system monitors lane markings and warns you of any un-intended deviation from the lane.

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Blind Spot Detection

Blind Spot Detection

Blind spots can take you by surprise even on your best days. Blind Spot Detection system monitors vehicle’s surrounding to identify any blind spots and alerts you of any possible hazard through audio-visual warnings so that you can take pre-cautionary actions.

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Lane Change Alert

Lane Change Alert

Your car now helps you to stay alert on road by informing you about the things you are unaware of. The ADAS System monitors the surrounding and warns you of any dangerous lane change.

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Door Open Alert

Door Open Alert

The ADAS system monitors and informs you and the passengers of any incoming speeding vehicle which might be a potential hazard in event of door opening. It activates audio-visual alerts to ensure that you're not caught off guard while exiting your vehicle.

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Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

The system prevents you from getting startled by objects approaching or present in the rear blind spot of the vehicle and alerts you through audio and visual alerts which help in easy and safe reversing.

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Rear Collision Warning

Rear Collision Warning

The ADAS system monitors and alerts you of any incoming speeding vehicle in the rear of your vehicle through audio and visual alerts. It also alerts the driver of incoming vehicle to take necessary actions by blinking of hazard lamps.

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Diamond cut Alloys

Diamond cut Alloys

R17 Two-tone Diamond cut alloys provide an unmistakable road presence.

Tata Harrier Projector Headlamps

Xenon HID Projector Headlamps

For a sense of dynamism and clear view, as you drive ahead.

Tata Harrier LED Tail lamp

LED Tail lamps

3D LED Tail Lamps with Sporty Piano Black Finisher.

Tata Harrier Premium oak Dashboard

Signature Oak brown Dashboard

It's a treat to the eye, when Oak brown colour scheme seamlessly flows into the soft touch dashboard with anti reflective 'Nappa' grain top layer.

Tata Harrier Indulgent

Premium indulgent Leather# seats

Premium Benecke-Kaliko TM Oak Brown perforated leather # seat upholstery & door pad inserts.

Tata Harrier Stearing Wheel

Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel

A dash of perfectly grained leather finish to the steering wheel.

Tata Harrier Gear

Leather# Wrapped Gear Shift Knob

The gear shift knob stands tall wrapped in premium leather, for any adventure ahead.

Tata Harrier Shark Fin Antenna

Shark Fin Antenna

This sleek visually pleasing design gives a styling Above all.

Tata Harrier Sunroof Exterior

Panoramic Sunroof

With additional features like Global Close, Anti-Pinch and Rain Sensing Closure, set-out for views that are Truly #AboveAll.

Tata Harrier Electrically Foldeble ORVMs

Stylish Aerodynamic Electrically Foldable ORVMs

Convenience at your fingertips for the perfect rear view.

Tata Harrier Aero throttle styled hand brake

Aero throttle styled hand brake

Chic yet rugged finish to every start.

Tata Harrier Chrome Finisher

Chrome Finisher

Express your flamboyance with this added Sleek definition.

Tata Harrier 6 Speed Automatic Transmission

6 Speed Automatic transmission

Seamlessly mated to the Kryotec engine, to deliver exceptional performance each time you hit the road.

Tata Harrier Diesel Engine

Cutting Edge Kryotec 170 BS6 Ph2 Diesel Engine

The next generation Kryotec 170 Turbocharged BS6 Ph2 diesel engine with 170PS power and 350Nm of torque for an effortless driving experience.

Tata Harrier Terrain

ESP Terrain Response Modes

Next generation Multi drive modes 2.0 married to the ESP terrain response modes to take on difficult terrains with ease.

Tata Harrier Pedigree of OMEGARC


Optimal Modular Efficient Global Advanced Architecture - Derived from Land Rover's Legendary D8 Platform.

  • Monocoque construction with optimized torsional and bending stiffness for exemplary driving dynamics.
  • Efficiently designed crumple zones for absolute safety.
  • Extensive use of advanced high strength steel and tailor welded blanks for high strength & reduced weight.
  • Auxiliary isolation panels for quiet and refined in-cabin experience.
  • Built on advanced 90%+ automated manufacturing line for robust built quality and reliability.
  • Isolated sub-frame design minimises the noise and loads caused by severe impacts such as speed humps.
  • Tested for over 2.2 mn kilometres on torturous terrains.
  • Over 1 mn SUVs based on D8 Platform already sold world over.
Tata Harrier Scuff Plate


Exhibit the mark of the Legendary Land Rover Pedigree you own.

Tata Harrier IRA Technology


The All New Harrier comes with iRA - the Connected Vehicle Program. It offers a range of innovative features to connect with your car.

Tata Harrier Touchscreen Infotainment System


The advanced 26.03 cms high-resolution touchscreen with Android Auto and Apple CarPlayTM connectivity for easy access and better connectivity to your mobile devices.

Tata Harrier 9 JBL Speakers

9 JBL Speakers

4 speakers + 4 tweeters + 1 subwoofer, with amplifier.

Tata Harrier JBL

Acoustics Tuned by JBLTM

Premuim 320W Audio, for a true-to-life in-cabin acoustic experience.

Tata Harrier JBL

17.78 cm Digital TFT Instrument Cluster

Gives you all the information you need on-the-go right in front of you.

Tata Harrier Smartphone Connectivity


Pair your gadgets & stay connected on the go. Your smart devices just found their smart match

Tata Harrier Wireless Charger


Luxury is all about minimalism so power up cord free.

Tata Harrier A and C Type


Never run out of power one way or the other.

Tata Harrier Steering

Steering mounted controls

Enjoy a safe drive with controls at the tip of your fingers.

Tata Harrier Instrument Cluster

200+ Voice Commands in 6 Languages*

Speak your own lingo while driving and your car will do the rest.

Tata Harrier 6-way Powered Driver Seat

6 Way Powered Driver Seat with Memory and Welcome Feature

Adjust your seat for comfort through 6 Way Power Adjustment with Intelligent memory function

Tata Harrier Armset with Cooled Storage


Stay plush with the soothing airflow on all your adventurous journeys

Tata Harrier Headlamp

Automatic Headlamps

Automatically switches on, sensing exterior conditions, so that your focus on the road stays sharp and bright.

Tata Harrier Rain Sensing Wipers

Rain Sensing Wipers

Intelligent wipers with sensors that adjust to varied rain intensity, to give you a clear view when you need it.

Tata Harrier Reverse parking Camera with Sensors

Reverse parking camera with sensors

Rear Parking Sensor with Display on Infotainment for your safe parking.

Tata Harrier Air Purifier


Inspired by the pureness of nature, the inbuilt Air Purifier keeps the cabin Air Quality Index levels in check.

Tata Harrier Armset with Cooled Storage

Front Armrest with Cooled Storage

To keep beverages refreshingly chilled.

Tata Harrier Tilt & Telescopic Adjustable Steering Wheel

Tilt & Telescopic Adjustable Steering Wheel

For a personalised comfortable experience during long drives.

Tata Harrier Push Start Button

Push start button (PEPS)

The easiest way to start your drive, convenience from the very go!

Tata Harrier Rear Ac

Rear AC Vents

For uniform cooling at the rear.

Tata Harrier Glove Box with Laptop Tray

Glove box with laptop tray

Amply lit glove box with defined spaces for laptops and pens.

Tata Harrier Utility Space

28 Intelligent Utility Spaces

Thoughtfully crafted utility spaces for holding your mobile phones (with charging points), umbrellas, bottles and cups.

Tata Harrier Safety 6 Air Bags

6 Airbags

Driver, Co-Driver, Seat Side & Curtain Airbags

Tata Harrier Electronic Stability Program

Electronic Stability Program (ESP)

Advance ESP is standard across all variants. It also comes with 14 additional functionalities like Anti-lock braking system, Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Corner Stability Control, Off Road ABS, Electronic Traction Control, Electronic Stability Control, Hill Hold Control, Hill Descent Control, Roll Over Mitigation, Brake Disc Wiping, Electronic Brake Pre-fill, Hydraulic Brake Assist, Hydraulic Fading Compensation, and Dynamic Wheel Torque by Brake.

Tata Harrier Electronic Parking Brake


Break to a jerk-free and exertion-free halt.



Saves you from a tailspin when you’re gliding towards the win.

Tata Harrier Auto Dimming IRVM

Auto Dimming IRVM

For best-in-class Convenience and Safety.

Tata Harrier Hill Hold and Hill Descent Control

Hill Hold Control (HHC) and Hill Descent Control (HDC)

For a reassuring drive on mountainous terrains by preventing backward roll on steep inclines.For a confident and controlled descent while descending mountainous terrains.

Tata Harrier Front Fog Lamps

Front Fog Lamps with Cornering Function

Take on the curves with confidence.

Tata Harrier Front Fog Lamps

360° Surround View System

Be more aware of your surroundings, even in tight situations.

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