We have tied up with TVS Auto Assit (India) Limited to ensure that you get immediate and hassle free service in the event of any car breakdown. Our network for road-side assistance is spread across the length and breadth of the country and covers cities, highways and hilly terrains across India.

In the event of any mechanical or electrical breakdown and or traffic accident of a vehicle, all you have to do is call our helpline number 1800 209 8282.

We will track down your location and ensure that the nearest Authorized Service Provider (ASP) reaches the spot immediately and rectifies the problem or tows it to the nearest Tata Authorized workshop in case the vehicle is not repairable on site. The indicative response time of the ASP is given below.

Indicative Response Time :

Within City Limit60 Minutes
Ghat roads and other places120 Minutes

(The response time will depend on the location, terrain, traffic density and the time of the day.)

The 24 X 7 On Road Assistance Program Details :

1. Within Warranty Period The service is available to all newly purchased vehicles as a complimentary offer till the time it is in warranty.

2. Paid Program You can buy the 24 X 7 policy from any of the Tata Authorised dealer workshop or Tata Authorised service centre. We have below options for this policy.

3. Women Assistance Program for more details click below.

TML TVSAA Retail New Price-2017
  Basic-6 months  Premium 6 months  Basic-1 year  Premium 1 year 
 Basic Price to the Customer(Excluding GST ) 347  653  763  1305 
 GST 18% 63  117  137  235 
 Customer price 410  770  900  1540 
Scope of Service
 Mechanical 3  3  6  6 
 Non Accidental Towing/ Accidental Towing NA  1  NA  2 
 Cab Assistance* NA  Upto 50 km from Breakdown spot  NA  Upto 50 km from Breakdown spot 
 Hotel accomodation and Tickets*    One time free upto 5000 rupees per family     One time free upto 5000 rupees per family 
 Cooling Period - 48 Hours

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TML Retail priceAccident assistance
 Proposed Price  6 months  1 Year  2 year 
 Basic Price to the Customer(Excluding ST ) 424  847  1441 
 GST 18% 76  152  259 
 Customer price 500  999  1700 
Scope of Service
 Mechanical 0  0  06* 
 Accidental Towing/ Non-Accidental Towing 1*  3*  NA 
 Cab Assistance* 0 0 0 
 Validity (which ever comes earlier) 1 service or 6 months  3 services or one year  6 services or two years 

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*Conditions apply 

Women Assistance Program


Please read the terms and conditions carefully before registering and availing the Services under the Woman Assist Program (hereinafter also referred to as the ‘Program’).


Tata Motors Limited (hereinafter also referred to as ‘TML’ or ‘Company’) under the ‘Woman Assist Program, intends to provide special assistance to all woman drivers who are Indian residents at the locations specified herein under, The woman drivers availing the services shall be a holding a valid driving license and in possession of the vehicle documents including but not limited to Vehicle Invoice, RC Book, Insurance, PUC and should not be under the influence of alcohol.

Woman Assist Program


  • Tata Motors has added a new Standard Operating Procedure at their Passenger Vehicle Business Unit emergency break down (EBD )desk, where Woman Customer (hereinafter also referred to as ‘Customer’) will be provided with certain scope of service.
  • This benefit is applicable for breakdown cases where Customer is calling for assistance or Women customer is calling for assistance accompanied by female driver (hereinafter also referred to as ‘Customer’) with him.
  • The entire service will be provided in association with TVS Auto Assist own patrol team in these 14 locations.
  • The service timing for this program can be availed between 8 pm to 5 am only (all days).

2. Objective:

  • Objective of this activity is to assist Women customers who call on helpline for assistance from 8 pm to 5 am only (all days).
  • End to End Follow-up of case where her family members are also posted on the Vehicle BD status.

3. Location:

  • Service is available within city limits of 14 cities
  • The cities are mentioned below.
  • The entire service will be handled in association with TVS Auto Assist own patrol team in these 14 locations.
    • New Delhi
    • Faridabad
    • Gurgaon
    • Mumbai
    • Navi Mumbai
    • Thane
    • Pune
    • Hyderabad
    • Bangalore
    • Chennai
    • Coimbatore
    • Madurai
    • Noida

4. Scope Of Service:

Rundown of Battery

  • In the event the Vehicle having a breakdown due to rundown of battery, TVS Auto Assist shall support by arranging vehicle technician to jump start the vehicle with appropriate means. TVS Auto Assist will bear the labor cost and conveyance charges.

Flat Tyre

  • In the event of the Vehicle has a puncture or tyre burst, TVS Auto Assist shall support in replacing the flat tyre with spare tyre. In case of non-availability of spare tyre, TVS Auto Assist will try to repair the faulty tyre. This service is based on the availability of tyre repair shop near the breakdown location. All the cost related to rendering such service will be borne by end customer.

Towing Assistance

  • In the event that a Vehicle is immobilized due to the breakdown or accident and “On-site” preliminary support to make the vehicle roadworthy is not possible, TVS Auto Assist shall arrange and bear the expense for transferring the Vehicle to the nearest authorized TML Dealership or TASC. These services shall be provided using equipment/s deemed most suitable by TVS Auto Assist. Towing will be available for mechanical breakdown, accidents, and key lost cases where repair cannot be done on the spot. For accident cases towing will be activated on the completion of police formalities if any.

Mode of Towing

  • Based upon the location, and the nature of breakdown, TVS Auto Assist will use different modes of towing like Flat-bed, Winch & tow truck or temporary towing truck, under lift or car to car (any load carrying four-wheeler). Towing will be provided on any mode basis availability on case to case basis.

5 Benefits:

Fuel Delivery

  • In the event Covered Vehicle runs out of fuel. TVS Auto Assist will provide support by arranging up to 5 litres of fuel. The supply of fuel will be based on availability. TVS Auto Assist will bear the labour cost and conveyance charges. This service will not be applicable if the Vehicle is at customer place .This service is based on local availability of fuel. During incorrect fueling, TVS Auto Assist tow the Vehicle to the nearest dealership and towing cost will be borne by the end customer.

Assistance over Call

  • In the event of calling in for support, TVS Auto Assist shall understand the basic problem prior to offering solutions. Some minor issues can be supported over the phone.

Taxi Assistance

  • In the event of an Covered Vehicle is immobilized due to the breakdown or accident and “On-site” preliminary support to make the vehicle roadworthy, is not possible, TVS AUTO ASSIST shall arrange and bear the expense for transferring the Covered Vehicle to the nearest authorized dealership. To help continue with his journey, TVS AUTO ASSIST. Taxi Assistance will be free till for first 50 km, additional charges to be borne by customers within City limits. This will be offered as per warranty coverage program.

First Aid

  • TVS Auto Assist will arrange to provide minor first aid to customers at time of injuries.

Refreshment to customer

  • TVS Auto Assist will provide refreshments (Snacks & Water bottle) to customers at time of breakdown.

Custody Service

  • During breakdown TVS Auto Assist will complete the formalities to take custody of the vehicle and relieve the customer from location.


  • Customer is eligible for Accommodation claim up to 5,000/- as per Vehicle Model Warranty SOP. Premium Membership Accommodation will also applicable for the same.

Follow up with customers post breakdown still she reaches destination

  • Call Center will follow up with the customer post breakdown (If the vehicle is towed or she is assisted by cab), till the Customer reaches the desired destination safely.

Coordination in Extraction or Removal of Vehicle:

  • In the event of Vehicle being stuck in a ditch, pit or valley, or in case of underground or rooftop parking, coordination to be done with external agencies where ever possible. Cost will be borne by customer. Any consequential damage during the process will be borne by the customer.
  • If TVS Auto Assist has to offer additional services which is not covered under “Women Assist” program. The charges to towards the same will be charged to end customer.

Updating live breakdown status

  • It is mandatory to probe the customer for sending SMS to her family as soon as the customer calls on Emergency Breakdown Department.
  • Call Centre will update the status on breakdown for the immediate family member of the female customer in every 30 minutes through SMS or Call.


  • It is our endeavour to Reach in time for Mechanical Assistance & Towing Assistance aspire to reach in City Limits in 45 minutes (Mechanical & Custody) & towing (60 mins), subject to traffic and road conditions.

Mobile Charging Facility

  • TVS Auto Assist will provide mobile charging facility to customers at the time of breakdown wherever possible . This can be done through power bank available in the vehicle which attends the breakdown. Currently this facility is available with selected vehicles.

Interstate charges

  • Interstate octroi charges and toll charges as well as all other government taxes will be borne by TVSAA.

Additional services offered

  • If TVS Auto Assist has to offer additional services which is not covered under “Women Assist” program. The charges to towards the same will be charged to end customer.

Service timings

  • Timings: 8:00 PM to 05:00AM only (All days).
  • Woman Assist service number – 18002098282


  • TML reserves its right to change, curtail or discontinue the ‘Woman Assist Program’ without notice.
  • TML is not responsible if the Services could not be availed for any reasons whatsoever, beyond the control of Tata Motors Limited.
  • The decision of TML or TVS AA while providing Services shall be final in all respects.
  • The Customer may only claim Benefits under this Program. The Customer acknowledges and understands that there will be no monetary/ any other obligations on the part of TML/TVS AA to compensate the Customer while availing services under the Program and the Customer shall have no claim whatsoever (whether financial or otherwise) on TML.
  • The TML or its subsidiaries, associates, affiliates, partners, representatives, agents, successors, assigns may collect personal data about entrants in accordance with its privacy policy in the course of this activity
  • The Customer warrants that she is of sound mind, of requisite legal age, have clearly understood that the Program and its terms.
  • The Customer unconditionally agree to all the aforesaid Terms and Conditions of their free will and there is no compulsion or coercion or undue influence exerted upon the Customer to avail the services or to agree the terms and conditions as mentioned herein above.
  • The Company does not make any warranty that the Program will meet the participant’s requirements.
  • In no event will the Company, its associates or its affiliates be liable for any special, indirect, punitive, exemplary or consequential loss, or any loss whatsoever.
  • The Customer agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Company, its directors, officers, employees, agents, affiliates and suppliers from any liability, loss, claim and expense (including reasonable legal fees) directly or indirectly related to (i) the customer’s breach of this agreement, (ii) non compliance of laws, (iii) fines, penalties or any sanctions levied by any Court or Authority and (iv) indecent behavior, violent, abusive actions, on the part of the Customer.
  • Tata Motors Limited reserves the right to change curtail or discontinue the Program without notice. Any Decision of Tata Motors Limited is final in all respects and binding on all Customer, pertaining to the Program and no correspondence whatsoever will be entertained in this regard.
  • By availing the Services, the Customer accepts and agree to the above terms and conditions. Non-acceptance of any of these terms and conditions will result in disqualification of the Customer from the Program and the Customer shall not be entitled to claim or receive any benefits thereunder.
  • This Program will be governed by and construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of India. In case of any dispute only Mumbai Courts will have Jurisdiction.
  • About Minors: This Program cannot be availed by minors under the age of 18 years. The Customer will also be required to prove her age with supporting documents such as Driving License, Aadhar Card, Passport, etc. failing which she will be disqualified from the Program.
  • Use and Disclosure of Information: Except as otherwise stated, we may use your information for our marketing and research purposes, and for the purposes specified in our Company’s Privacy Policy.
  • qContinuing Agreement: TML may change or revise these Terms from time to time by updating this posting, so please visit this area each time you visit ……….. to keep up to date information.
  • Data Protection: Personal details, such as your name and e-mail address, provided to us will only be used in accordance with our Company’s Privacy Policy. Please read this carefully before providing any information to us.
  • By availing services under Woman Assist Program, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and unconditionally agree to be legally bound by the terms and conditions of Woman Assist Program.

    By signing the acceptance and acknowledgement of understanding the terms and conditions of Woman Assist Program, you confirm that you are registering in the Program and availing services under the Program entirely on your own free will and you accept all liabilities and risks associated/caused directly or indirectly, to you under the Program.

    By accepting the terms and conditions of the Program, you release TML, TVSAA and their employees from all liabilities including but not limited to any injury, death, damage or loss which you may suffer during the incident of vehicle breakdown or accident caused.

    You shall be registered under the Program only after accepting and signing the terms and conditions of the Program.

    Coverage under the 24 X 7 On Road Assistance Program

    The 24x7 On road assistance service covers the following services on your vehicle :

    • Wheel change through spare wheel
    • Arrangement of fuel ( Fuel cost will be chargeable at actual cost)
    • Rectification of electrical problems related to battery, fuses etc.
    • On spot repairs for complaints repairable at site
    • Within Warranty Customers: Free car to car towing or winching & towing, if required (for non-accident cases) to the nearest Tata Authorized Dealer Workshop
    • Premium Plan for Post-Warranty Customers: Free One Instance of car to car towing or winching & towing, if required (for non-accident cases) to the nearest Tata Authorized Dealer Workshop
    • The service is not available in the states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam (Except Guwahati city), Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, Tripura, J&K, & in the union territories of Andaman & Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep
    • The reach time is indicative & the actual reach time will be conveyed by the call center at the time of breakdown call
    • On spot repair at breakdown site shall depend on nature of complaints & will be as per the discretion of the ASP
    • All charges wherever applicable need to be settled directly with the ASP

    Terms and conditions, service coverage, exclusions etc. are subject to change without notice.

    For further assistance, please contact our Workshop Service Marketing Executives.

    Tata Motors strongly recommends use of Anti Rust Treatments, which shall not only provide protection to your vehicle against corrosion during your ownership period, but also shall help increase life of the body shell of your car.