Original Spare Parts

Why Buy Original Parts From Tata Motors?

(a) Regular operation of your vehicle causes wear and tear of components. To ensure that your car continues to be reliable, economical and safe, you need to regularly and scientifically replace components during maintenance schedules. Tata Motors continuously strives to provide excellent customer support through technological expertise in maintaining the vehicle for years to come.

(b) At Tata Motors, precision machinery and best available technical knowhow is utilized for the production of quality parts. These equipments ensure production of spares which conform to design specifications. Tata Motors has always been striving to provide the latest technology in our vehicles to ensure safety, reliability, economy and durability. It becomes all the more imperative that Tata Motors Original Parts be utilized during vehicle servicing and repairs so that you can reap the benefits of our high quality spares and technology.

(c) Tata Motors Original Parts, when used, ensure an optimum ownership cost of the vehicle and in a developing country like ours, road safety is yet another important aspect which needs attention at all costs. This is possible only through usage of original parts, where manufacturing and material come together to create superior and dependable spares.

(d) By using original parts, you will be contributing significantly towards environmental protection in the larger interests of society and mankind.

(e) While selecting original parts, look out for the identifiable blue and white packaging provided for cars, UVs and Nano vehicle parts. The Tata logo is clearly depicted on the packaging. Also, look out for the MRP label with hologram which shows maximum retail price of the unit. Tata Motors Original Parts and Original Kits are easily available at all Tata Motors Authorized Dealers, Authorized Service Centres, Authorized Distributors and their Retailers.

(f) Always insist on Tata Motors Original Parts, they are economical, durable safe and most importantly, reliable.