Driving #SafetyFirst

Stay Home, Stay #AloneTogether

During this lockdown, we urge you to keep your distance today in order to build stronger connections tomorrow. Ensure you stay safe and stay healthy always. In the meanwhile, here are a few safety initiatives you can reflect on

What we need to know
First, keep distance
Second, stay at home
Janta, please stay home
For celebrations can wait
As we’re here to help
Nourish your SOUL at home
Meanwhile, we’ll be back
For lockdown is the key
So, put on some movie. It’s #AboveAll
We guarantee your warranty
For we keep our word, and do our bit
In the meantime, show us how you work from home
And we’ll show how to take care of your car
And how to stay fit at home
This is the time to be #AloneTogether
Wherever you are
Remember, to always stay safe.

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