Nexon iRA - What3Words Voice Navigation System


Navigate To Anywhere With What3Words


what3words is the easiest way to tell your car where to go. Every 3m square in the world has been given a unique combination of three words

Its quick, easy and reliable- you’ll always arrive at exactly where you need to be.

Why Use What3Words?

Why Use What3Words?

  • what3words is designed for quick and easy voice input
  • it's precise, you can enter specific entrances and parking spots
  • Smart error-detection means you'll always arrive at the right place
  • Every point in the world has a what3words address, even a place with no street address
  • Share accurate pick-up and drop-off locations easily
  • Navigate your car in English
How to Use What3Words In Your Car?

Using what3words in your car

  1. Get the what3words address for your destination
  2. Tap ///what3words and enter the three words by voice or text.
  3. Start navigating to your precise destination.

Find your 3 word address

Click search and enter your street address into the map below. Move the square until it reaches the desired point, with this you have your 3 word address ready to be copied.


*Images and videos are for representation only, final production variant might be different to that shown here.

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