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Amit Raj Vaish - Ghaziabad

I am Amit Raj Vaish from Ghaziabad. I bought the Tata Indica eV2 Lx on 15th of February, 2013 from Urmil Motors in Ghaziabad. I am very happy and satisfied with its performance. It’s a pleasure to drive a car that offers a world of comfort. I can travel long distances in my car comfortably and one of the recent example was my journey to Lucknow from Ghaziabad which is a distance of approx 1000 kms up and down. Indica gives me good mileage and it’s low on maintenance too. I recommend Indica eV2 to my friends if they are looking for comfort, space and good mileage. Indica ev2 is the best choice you can make.


Beautiful vehicle. after using two Sumos for last 16 years now I have shifted to Indica just to get the experience of how a car is like to drive. initially it was tough to drive this baby just because of habit of driving the monstrous Sumo taking command of the road. but now I have adjusted to this baby and its just wonderful driving her. the CR4 is good, visibility all round is good, suspension is quite good and nice and comfortable cabin indeed. I strongly recommend all the people to go for this beautiful car and support our Indian engineers at Tata who have proved that they are no less.Be Indian Buy Indian, support & encourage our youngsters to work harder with happy hearts and attain top


I am happy and satisfied with my Indica eV2 LX. The car is WORTH FOR MONEY.

kartik poriya - BHOPAL

my car indica is a best performation car md itz a very comfort nd low maintanence car

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