Seat Covers

With regular use, your seats can take a serious beating. Protect your seats with stain resistant seat covers from Tata Motors. Made specifically for each of our cars, they come with a promise of an excellent fit and a one year warranty. Choose from a variety of materials and colours to suit your lifestyle.

  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Sapphire
  • Ruby
  • Emerald
  • Topaz
  • Opal
  • AX
  • AFX
  • ALX
  • LX
Seat Covers

Carpets and Mats

Keep your vehicle clean with a variety of floor mats. Floor mats are available for both, the interiors and boot of your car.

  • Rubber Mats (5pcs) + Rubber Boot Mat (1pc) + Mud Flaps (4pcs)
  • Mat-Rubber-Boot(1)
  • Rubber Mud Flap (set of 4 pcs)
  • Universal Rubber Mats
  • FC mat kit
Carpets and Mats

Steering Wheel Covers

Get better grip and more comfort with these sleek steering wheel covers. Available in art leather and leather, these covers are stain-resistant, washable and foam-backed.

  • Leather - Black
  • Leather - Grey
  • Leather - Bisque
  • Art Leather - Black
  • Art Leather - Grey
  • Art Leather - Bisque
Steering Wheel Covers

Neck Rests

Long drives can wreak havoc on the neck. Prepare yourself for a comfortable drive with ergonomically designed neck rests from Tata Motors.

  • Black Neck Rests
  • Bisque Neck Rests
  • Grey Neck Rest
Neck Rests
Disclaimer: Accessories shown in the pictures and features mentioned may not be a part of the standard equipment.